Penis Enlargement and Penis Size

All You Need To Know About Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement (also known as penis enhancement) information abounds on the Internet.  There are various methods, products and techniques on the Internet to enlarge your penis size.  The trick to decide what work and what does not is to inform yourself through enlargement product reviews and articles.

In here you will find a collection of enlargement articles written by myself or by some credible source (for which I give credit) about the most common concerns and issues that affects the male penis size, penis health and other men’s health issues.

There are several methods to increase your penis size.

Penis Traction (Stretching) Devices

The latest and most effective way to get a bigger penis is by making use of Penis Extender.   These are medically proven to work and has taken the medical community by storm.  The first clinically proven method of obtaining a permanent larger penis safely and effectively other than by penile enhancement surgery is by making use of a penis extender to stretch the penis to it’s desired length..

Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enlargement pills (or enhancement pills as they are also known as) is probably the most miss understood method to penis enlargement.  Do Penis Enlargement Pills work?  What benefit if any is there in using penis pills?  Can using enlargement pills actually increase your penis size?

Penis Enlargement Exercises

One of the most popular ways to enlarge your penis naturally is through Penis Enlargement Exercises.  There are so many around.  Which natural penis enlargement program works and which doesn’t?  Is it the cheapest and most sure fire way to obtain a larger penis or is it just hype?  Many men have used this method successfully.  But there are some pitfalls and dangers involved.  Do not just start stretching your penis expecting it to grow bigger naturally.

Penis Enhancement Patches

The latest craze in the industry and a convenient way to enlarge your penis is throughPenis Enlargement Patches.  Just like pills, can applying a patch give you a larger penis or is this just a gimmick? These herbal patches make use of the latest transdermal technology to deliver nutrients to the penis directly via the blood stream.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis pumps, penis weights and the like have been around the longest.  Since the beginning of time men have come up with the most ingenious of devices to attain a larger penis.  Do Penis Enlargement Pumps work or do they only make you believe that you have a larger penis?  There are some medical reasons for using a penis pump, but you may not get the desired result.

Penis Extensions

For instant gratification and guaranteed results you cannot go wrong with  Penis Extensions.  Made from Latex or the more Advanced Cyberskin Technology, there are numerous to choose from.  Learn more about them and how they can add 1,5 – 3 inches to your penis size instantly, guaranteed! It’s fun and safe!

Penile Enhancement Surgery

The only guaranteed way to ensure you obtain a permanent larger penis is troughPenis Enlargement Surgery.  Also known as Phalloplasty, it is also the most risky of all the techniques.  Penile enlargement surgery is guaranteed to work but there are some associated risks involved that you should know about.  Many men consider this as a last resort.  But there are alternatives you should know about.

Penis Implants

One of the lesser known methods is making use of Penis Implants.  They are used in extreme medical cases where the patient has a complete inability to obtain an erection.   Do you want to risk implanting a “mechanical” device inside your penis to make your penis bigger?  They are used almost exclusively for medical reasons and should not be considered for penis enlargement.

The size of your penis seems to be more of a “psychological” factor than a “physiological” one with most men being the average size and longer.  There is no definitive study that proves that women prefer a longer Penis size that would suggest that most men would have to consider it.  Find out if you are the average penis size or above / below.

The truth is that penis size DOES matter!.  It matter’s to the person who feels that he has a small penis! Whether that feeling is based on fact or not doesn’t matter.  Just like someone who feels that he / she is “fat” or “short” or “ugly”, feeling that you have a small penis matter’s VERY much to the person in question.

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