Penis Pump Frequently Asked Questions Answered


How Do Penis Pumps Work?

The device contains four parts namely: pump, vacuum, tube and release value. One only needs to place it on the penis, and the pump squeezes air that compresses muscles causing blood to flow into the penis. This creates an instant erection helping one to perform sexual intercourse with no qualms. The cumulative, long-term effect is that the penis’ length and girth also increases.

Can It Increase Penis Length?

While the main job of cock pumps is to enhance the strength of an erection, there is compelling evidence beyond penis pump FAQ answers that continued use of these devices can enhance penile length as well. How? By redirecting blood towards one area the penile muscles are stretched and they eventually expand. Usually, the amount of length increment depends on one’s frequency of pumping. On average, men report length increments of up to 2 inches and girth increments of up to 3 inches.

Are The Results Permanent?

Yes, frequent use of penis pumps leads to permanent growth. However, in order to achieve remarkable improvement one needs to use it consistently. The penis is mainly made up of muscles. Just the same way you go to the gym to keep your abs toned up, you need to maintain a regular pumping routine for the penomet results to be permanent. Otherwise, if you use the pump for a short time and stop, your muscle tone may diminish.

How Many Minutes Should I Spend Pumping?

The longer you spend pumping, the better the outcome. While at it, it is important to keep in mind the old phrase that goes – too much of something is poisonous. The average recommended pumping session lasts anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour. To avoid hurting yourself, we recommend you divide the pumping sessions into 15 minutes each with 5 minutes rest in between.

Is There Risk Of Injury?

The pump is designed to work gently without posing any risk to your delicate organs. However, some people apply too much pressure or pump for hours on end in attempt to speed up gains. In such severe cases, pressure can build up rupturing the delicate capillaries that supply blood to the penis. Another potential risk is that the wall that protects the erectile chambers which provide a rock hard erection. Luckily, with correct usage, there is 0% risk of injury.

Are Penis Pumps Medically Approved?

The good, premium-grade devices are backed by scientific and physiological evidence. This innovation has been certified by the FDA. However, not all pumps are certified. It is important to note that even those penis pumps that have gained medical certification have done so purely based on their functions of increasing penis size and treating impotence.

Does One Need To Apply A Lubricant?

Actually there is no need to use a lubricant. But you can still use it to make the process even more interesting. Lubricants are particularly good when you are looking to stimulate your erection just before intercourse.

Is This Invasive or Noninvasive Form of Treatment?

The pump, being a non-surgical tool, is ranked as a noninvasive treatment. You don’t have to inject or even swallow anything while using it to produce the results. This makes the entire process harmless, healthy and most importantly easy to administer.

What Are The Side Effects?

Side effects are rarely reported; but that does not mean they don’t exist. For instance, in cases where too much pressure is applied or when the pump is used for longer than necessary then side effects such as penis turning to purple or dark blue may be reported. Likewise, incorrect use can reduce one’s sexual sensitivity and even causes periods of cold sensations. Serious side effects may range from severe deformity to permanent loss of penile function. Note that all these side effects are not caused by the pump itself, but the way how some individuals use it.

I’m I the Right Candidate of Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are popular among adult men particularly aged 25 and above. Most of them view this approach as a way to enhance their health – just the same way one diets and exercises frequently to keep fit. Men from all walks of life, socio-economic backgrounds and religious beliefs use them.

Is It Right To Use This Device If I Have Undergone Penis Surgery?

You should consult your surgeon/physician before you start using this approach. Generally, it is safe to use the pump 10 weeks after the surgery. With your doctor’s approval you can start using this regimen immediately.

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