Penis Pumps – How They Work

Most people want to enhance their penis to satisfy their partner in the bed. They mainly focus on the overall size including length and girth of their penis as it shows their masculine power which can attract as many girls they want by satisfying them in the bed. For this purpose most people use various types of penis pumps to enhance their penis. Before studying the working of various types of penis pumps you must be familiar with the biology of your penis and the effect on it after getting erected.


Biology of the penis

The construction of your penis is constituted of three chambers. Two chambers on the top are larger in size and contain erection tissues and one at the bottom is smaller through which you ejaculate and urinate. The erection tissues in these large chambers of your penis are filled with blood when you are sexually aroused by the order of a hormone released by your brain. The blood in your chambers gives maximum erection to your penis.

All the penis pumps used for this purpose help in increasing the flow of blood into the erection chambers of your penis. Brief information about the working of some of the popular penis pumps is provided here under for your consideration.

Types of penis pumps

Penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction are among the major problem faced by men these days. For this reason many manufacturers have introduced various solutions to resolve these problems. along with various male enhancement pills they have introduced various types of penis enlargement devices like pumps in the market. Mainly three types of penis pumps are popularly used for this purpose including:

  • Penomet vacuum pump
  • Hydromax X series penis pump
  • Bathmate direct pump
  • Electric penis pump

Working of Penomet penis pump

It is considered as the best penis pump used by large number of people for enhancing their penis safely. It can be used conveniently while in your bed or taking bath. It can be modified according to your changing needs with time. Bellow Pump System used in this penis pump makes it the best in its class as it seals its bottom softly. In this way this product can provide great comfort than others while using t for enhancing your penis. It reduces pressure on your penis as well as testicles usually caused by slow improvement on the penis. Along with it the capability of 360 degree rotation provided by Swivel Bellows helps you in getting full view of your penis in the chamber when you use it while taking shower.

Working of Bathmate direct pump

Many manufacturers have released a number of solutions for curing the problems of penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction including male enhancement pills, supplements and various types of devices like pumps. Bathmate penis enlargement pump is another device popularly used for increasing the size of your penis. It is another successful pump in this product line but it is second to Hydromax X series pumps. This pump not only helps in enhancing the length of your penis but also its girth. In this way it helps in improving your performance in the bed. Though it had satisfied thousands of its users but still its success rate is a bit lower than Hydromax X series penis pump.

Working of Electric vacuum penis pump

Main feature of this penis pump is its vacuum cylinder of 2 inch by 8 inch size to enhance the girth and length of the penis. This electric vacuum pump can be operated by using AA batteries to give you desired results. Three tension rings and deluxe pouch are the other features of this penis pump. This penis pump produces harder and longer erection by stimulating your penis through its vacuum cylinder. The compact structure of this pump makes it easy and safe to use for enhancing the size of your penis as per your desire. It enhances your penis in a very innovative but safe manner. At the same time, you could expect the good result in a very short period of time too.

Thus after studying the working of different penis pumps you can chose a suitable one for you, if you are interested in enhancing the size of your manhood for satisfying your partner in the bed.

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