Penomet Gaiters

In order to increase the size of your penis and satisfy your lover, you need to buy Penomet penis pump. The pump comes with several Penomet gaiters which you can change so that you will achieve the best out of the pump. The Penomet gaiters will vary on size. There are made to exert different types of forces which will make it possible for you to exert maximum force on the penis. There are several people who have tried the pump and they have been able to achieve great results. You too will be among highly satisfied users after you try the pump and change the gaiters. Remember with time your penis muscles will get used to a certain gaiter, through increasing the gaiter you will easily achieve the best suction for your penis to increase in size within the shortest time possible.

How to use Penomet pump

  1. Choose the best detachable pressure gaiter

For new users it is recommended for you to use purple pressure gaiter. The one with the lowest setting will make your penis get used to the suction pressure. The penis pump is easy to use, you will just read simple instructions provided and you will easily get started.


  1. Attach the selected gaiter to the main Penomet cylinder

The pump has two main sections, the gaiter and the Penomet cylinder. After you have selected the best gaiter which will fit you well, then you will have to attach it to the main cylinder so that you will be able to use it.


  1. Apply the Penomet over your penis

You can just wear it or go to your bath or shower where you will wear it. After you have worn the pump, you will be required to pump it several times till it creates a vacuum seal.


  1. Relax and pump after certain intervals

You will be required to re-pump the penis enlarger after few minutes for it to exert suction force on the penis. You can repeat in a period of 15 to 20 minutes.


  1. Release pressure to remove the pump

After you have applied the pump as required, you will have to remove it from your penis. You will just press the valve at the end of the cylinder sideways for the pump to release pressure.


  1. Use stronger gaiters as you become more experienced

In order to increase pressure, which will make it easy for you to increase the size of your penis, just keep on increasing the gaiter with time.


Penomet Gaiters

There are five different Penomet gaiters available. They are marked with different colors. It is very necessary for you to start with a gaiter of low pressure and increase with time. This is necessary for you to achieve maximum effects of the pump. The ability of users to change gaiters makes it easy for users to increase the sizes of their penises up to 65% faster than using ordinary pumps with fixed gaiters. You can decide to change the gaiters on a weekly basis for you to achieve great results. Some gaiters available include:

  1. Force 60
  2. Force 65
  3. Force 70
  4. Force 75
  5. Force80

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